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Anatomy Of The Perfect Blog Post: A Complete Guide To Ideal Blog Post Structure And Formatting

Victoria’s style is very elegant, full of sharp tailoring, traditional silhouettes and lots of blazers. In The Frow is the blog for you if you’re interested in designer clothing or high-quality investment pieces that are made to last.

Tarmarz - Best Minimalist Fashion Blogger

The Headline

Most people on the Internet are borderline hypnotic. The constant inflow of content just renders them damn near comatose. Your blog post is just one of likely hundreds hitting them at any given time. Your’s must stand out and smack ’em in the eyeballs in order to get noticed.

That’s a bit of a buzzkill, huh? But, we have to work with human nature, not against it. Plus, it isn’t as if you have to have a 6-word headline. In fact, the headlines most often shared on Twitter have 8 to 12 words (according to Hubspot). So, what we want to do is craft a headline that does the job, but emphasizes those first few words and last few words.

The mistake I find most people do with their headlines is just state the topic and leave it. Or they’ll give it some cutesy title that gives zero clue what the post is about. I remember one time looking at a photography blog where the lady had written a blog post about lighting. The title: “Video Lighting”. This is headline fail.

Best mom blog examples

Best mom blog examples

5. Megan the Vegan Mom
Megan, the founder of “Megan the Vegan Mom”, blogs about her daily life as a vegan mom. She is a strong advocate of veganism as a former veterinarian who shares an immense love for pets. Along with topics about motherhood, Megan likes to write about parties, lifestyle, and fashion.

Main topics covered: Vegan parenting, vegan recipes, restaurant reviews, lifestyle.
Built with: Squarespace
The main source of income: affiliate links, sponsorships

6. Rookie Moms
Rookie Moms focuses on various products and activities for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers. Like the name says, the site is aimed at new moms who don’t have much experience with parenthood.

7. Tech Savvy Mama
Tech Savvy Mama was founded in 2008 by former teacher and technology specialist Leticia Barr, who also happens to be a mother of two. She mostly focuses on aspects of parenting that are related to the digital age and technological development.

Main topics covered: technology, lifestyle, education, causes, gift guides
Built with: Foodie Pro (WordPress theme)
The main source of income: affiliate links, product sales

8. At Home With Natalie
Natalie is a lifestyle blogger from North Carolina. More importantly, she is a mother of six, meaning that she has a lot of parenthood experience that she likes to share. Her blog is also an eCommerce site where you can shop for various Etsy products, courses, and books.

Main topics covered: motherhood, party themes, DIY projects, recipes
Built with: Redwood (WordPress theme)
The main source of income: product sales, brand collaborations

Best health and fitness blog examples

Best health and fitness blog examples

9. My Fitness Pal
My Fitness Pal is an online platform that helps people lose weight. The site also offers a great set of mobile apps that allow users to keep track of their weight, exercise regularly, and more. The site also has a lively blog section where users can learn more about all things related to fitness.

Main topics covered: weight loss, fitness, nutrition, recipes, inspiration
Built with: WordPress, custom theme by Matthew Woodard
The main source of income: product and subscription sales

10. Nerd Fitness
This site targets “nerds, misfits and mutants,” and helps them to get in shape through home workouts and private coaching. Nerd Fitness has 25 team members led by Jim Bathurst, an award-winning personal trainer. The site also comes with an educational blog where you can learn more about working out.

11. Love Sweat Fitness
Created in 2014 by Katie Dunlop, LSF focuses on providing fitness services to women. The site also features an app with fitness plans, workout plans, and more. There’s also a blog section where you can read more about fitness, nutrition, and participate in the community of LSF members.

12. Fit Bottomed Girls
Fit Bottomed Girls started as a blog in 2008, only to expand into other mediums, including a book, a podcast, and more. This blog nurtures body positivity, and it was founded by two certified fitness professionals — Jennipher Walters and Kristen Seymour.

9to5 Chic – Best Work Style Fashion Blog

9to5 Chic - Best Work Style Fashion Blog

Whether you’ve just got your first job after college or starting a brand new position that you want to make a good impression of, it can be hard to know how to dress appropriately for the office while still looking stylish. Thanks to 9to5 Chic, any professional woman can get fashion and styling tips that they can take into the office without compromising on her own personal style.

Anh, who’s based in San Francisco, writes 9to5 Chic and focuses on how to style comfortable yet professional outfits that are fit to wear around the office. Anh believes that you shouldn’t have to dress boring just because you’re at work, and instead offers tips and advice on how you can incorporate your personal style into your work wardrobe.

College Fashion – Best Fashion Blog for College Students

College Fashion - Best Fashion Blog For College Students

College fashion is all about dressing as comfortable as possible during a busy day of lectures, and then being able to transition to fun outfits to wear while partying. No matter what kind of college outfit you’re looking for, College Fashion will have the inspiration you need.

The blog, which is written by college students for college students, started off as a personal style blog but has grown to incorporate all elements of college fashion and now has a large team of writers who contribute articles.

The topics on College Fashion range all the way from what you should be wearing on your first week of college, to fun Halloween costume ideas to wear to your next sorority party. College Fashion posts also keep readers up to date on all of the latest fashion sales and discounts to use next time they go online shopping.

Who is the highest-paid fashion blogger?

Chiara has run The Blonde Salad since 2009 and has been able to grow her blog and associated social media platforms into a real success. Across her platforms, she’s amassed an impressive 17 million followers.

Do people still read blogs?



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