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5 Tips on How to Be a Good Blogger

  What is the difference between a good blogger and an amateur blogger? Firstly, a good blogger has his own style and manner of writing. In addition, readers will immediately recognize the author by just reading a few sentences. The following are tips on how to be a good blogger, and you will definitely find

How to write a blog post – a step by step guide

There’s a disclaimer here, and it’s a big one, and that is that there is no right or wrong way to write a blog post.  It’s all about what works for you and your audience.  However, when people are new to blogging or they’re just writing occasional guest posts, it can be very helpful to

Best WordPress Plugins that Will Help You with Marketing

WordPress didn’t play around when it comes to plugins. In fact, they worked hard to create a huge number of them, so people can choose the ones that benefit them the most. With that said, the platform has more than 56,000 available plugins, all serving their own purpose. Plugins work by giving you the chance