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    Who is Pooky?


    Thanks for visiting my blog.  This is my space where I can just be me and share the things that interest me each day.  Hopefully some of them will be of interest to you too.

    So I’ll answer the question that everyone asks when they first meet me – where did my name come from?  Well the answer is that I’m named after a fictional flying rabbit who was the star of a series of children’s books in the 1950s.  So now you know.

    So who am I?  Well I’m a mother, a businesswoman, a school governor or a student depending when you ask me…

    I’m a mother – I have two gorgeous girls and a wonderful husband – my family are the light of my life and I’m very proud of them.

    I’m a business woman – I’m the  social media manager at the Times Educational Supplement.  It’s a rather wonderful job, I get to spend all day sharing and exchanging ideas about education – a great passion of mine.

    I’m a school governor – I have been a governor and chair of governors at several schools.  Currently I’m vice chair of governors at Bensham Manor.  A wonderful Special School in Thornton Heath.

    I’m a student – I’m currently working towards a PhD in psychological medicine.  I’m developing a training programme to help teachers support pupils with eating disorders.  My research fascinates me and I’ve been invited to speak at all sorts of exciting conferences.

    Please don’t be shy – share your thoughts and comments on my blog, and maybe connect with me elsewhere:


    Eating Disorders Advice Blog and Twitter (n.b. I research under the name Jodi Knightsmith)